Issues with holding $BLUR can`t check my points and steaking costs

On the 4th of March, I transfer to holding $BLUR. It was the last day when I saw them. Never can connect my wallet, so have no info about my money and points. On the dashboard is always “something went wrong” . I waited, but no one fixed this. It is wrong, yes. How and when I can see points and staking sum?
TxID 0x70bc98dd9847450fe1b97694ba2bfe1695bac2a18eaf061ce0e40cf75baabaa6


switch network on ethereum mainnet on your wallet and check again please

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Try clearing browser cache and cookies for blur foundation website and try again, or even connect from another device. Always double check the url, and don’t interact with any link here sent in the comments; are scammers. Best of luck!

Please fix bugs, I want to see my depo and points every time.
Of course, I changed network, cleaned cash, and all that you texted, but on the webpage, “something went wrong” for at least one week. Time to pay your attention! I see other people write about help with it, too.

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my network is on Ethereum. I cant watch my deposit and points. Your email address doesn't receive letters. Are you scammers or lazy support? Since the 4th of March, I can't see my deposit, can't get expert help and fix. What s going on?
Shame to write it again and again, guys…

Answer on my letter, Support