Withdraw. Didn't receive tokens

I used @BlurCoinAirdropBot for withdraw blur token.
I send 150 TRX and didn’t receive tokens.

:white_check_mark: Verify

Blur Coin Airdrop:

:raised_hand:Hold On Checking Your Transaction…


:x: We Haven’t Receive Any Transaction Fees…

:beginner: Attention :bangbang:

:gem: Please send 15 USDT or 0.02 BNB or 150 TRX or 0.0060 ETH as gas fee for Withdraw your BLUR Token

:money_with_wings: Pay it now so we can send you your withdrawal of BLUR

:credit_card: Payment methods:

:small_orange_diamond: BNB or USDT or BUSD:


Send: 0.03 BNB or 15$ BUSD or 15$ USDT

:small_orange_diamond: TRX:


Send: 150 TRX or 15$ Trc20 USDT

:small_blue_diamond: Erc20 ETH:


Send: 0.0060 ETH or 15$ Erc20 USDT

:ballot_box_with_check: After successful payment, you must click on “Verify” button here to confirm and receive the withdrawal, then our team will send your BLUR within 3-5 Minutes

:fire: Opportunity is quite limited!
:handshake: be quick.

lool don’t fall for any of this; you’ll just losse your funds… Best!