Having a problem with checking my staking balance on hold.blur.foundation page

Hi! I am facing a problem with displaying my balance on the page for steaking. When connecting my wallet to the site, the information board displays a “- - -” value, which I think is a bug. I would like to see a response from the platform support, or from other users who have also encountered a similar problem.


Usually refreshing the page, disconnecting and reconnecting does the trick. Also, you can clear browser cookies for rhe website. Best of luck!

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I have the same problem. I ve already refreshed all (coockies ect.) but it still ---- on the screen. It happened to me yesterday and now i cant see anything. I also tried reconnected my wallet form many browsers. It doetsnt work :frowning:


no problem sir blur team will help you

i have the same issue as well. any devs looking into this problem at all? thanks!

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Same problem here. Everything is gone.