Utility proposals of $blur

Shout out to Pacman and the team of Blur.io! Great job so farrr! Also,
please consider following to increase value of $blur:

  1. Users will have to own $blur to bid;
  2. VeBlur to allocate bid points to which nfts;
  3. Lending function of blue-chip nfts.

I think theres definitely scope for $BLUR ownership giving extra premium access to platform. Also with all of this liquidity its crazy that we dont have leveraged products and also the ability to short, that would be an epic addition.


I really like option 1

Aligning incentives to make sure people don’t dump the token, instead it has actual utility


Hey @Heatwave.eth! Thanks for this proposal!

I added a new potential usecase proposal for $BLUR. Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

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the market would be shorted to death lol

I would like to see the addition of price locks similar to Tensor price locks enabling traders going SHORT or LONG on their NFT’s.
Also would like to see a staking mechanism of $BLUR holders rewarding them with a 10% revenue share from Blur platform. Somehow there needs to be a burning mechanism as well for $BLUR tokens, perhaps for certain services, fees can be paid (partly) using $BLUR which will be burned in a monthly burning excercise.

  1. LONG - SHORT option
  2. $BLUR staking mechanism with attractive Revenue Rewards
  3. $BLUR burning mechanism
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completely agree.
also would like to see more info about Blur and so on. and NOT once per month. would like to see Blur as nu,ber one, but now its going dowan unfortunately. PACMAN wake up ))) dont forget about your platform))