Blur Name Extensions

Proposal : Create .blur name extension just like ENS.

Description : $Blur has launched just yesterday and has been a prime topic around traders from the past few months. With all the craziness and community it has created, Blur wont be just a marketplace anymore but a community. Communities are more than just tokens, they are culture.

So to establish this culture in the early stage, I think a sense of belonginess should be achieved. Thats why I’m proposal .blue name extension just like ens exist. This will have 3 phases:-

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Deployment and Maintenance
  3. Community Management

As of right now I dont see a proposal template for Blur yet so I’ll try to explain the necessary items and budget on my own. Hope this will help

  1. Infrastructure
  1. dApp creation
  2. blur.js domain resolver
  3. .blur protocol
    Budget : 150K USD
  1. Deployment and Maintenance
  1. Project Manager
  2. Senior Frontend Engineer
  3. Intergration Engineer
    Budget : 130K USD
  1. Community Management
  1. Operations
  2. Community Manager
  3. Designer
  4. Marketing and Giveaway
    Budget : 120K USD

All of this for a 6 month operation. Details below

  1. dApp infra and deployment
  2. Alpha test on testnet
  3. Beta test with limited number of people on mainnet
  4. Minting start for $blur holders- 1 per wallet limit
  5. Public mint start
  6. Special character mint starts are premium prices.

Total : 4,86,715 $Blur @0.79 USD/$blur. ( $4,00,000 USD )
Feedback and reviews are welcome. I would love to share these in details.

Anyone can contact me via twitter :

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I disagree with this proposal. Name extension does not contribute anything to the NFT trading space. It deviates from Blur’s core functions and will take away precious attention and resources.
Also I do not believe a name extension will be vital to a community’s culture. Focus on what blur is already doing and expand the advantages, not start to do something much different from what Blur is already doing.


Interesting view, I can see why you feel that way. If you claimed the airdrop you will see that the number of traders were lower than 200K, not everyone can afford to trade actively for flip and all other activities. An entry point for users other than traders is required on blur that can help increase its userbase. I also have plan to propose an NFT platform for artist, specially 1/1 so that userbase can grow.
If anything I know it is that once airdrop craze is over userbase will decline drastically, the community everyone see right now active on discord and elsewhere will simply settle down.
Thats why a community culture is required

In my opinion, and possibly that of the founder, Blur aims to be a web3 NFT protocol. Successful DEFI protocol such as curve do not derive value from any name service or so-called community culture, if there is any community culture, it is derived from the utility that the protocol itself provides.

And directly against your point, I do not believe that user base will decrease dramatically once the airdrop phase is over, for a very simple reason, Blur is the BEST NFT trading platform currently in the market. Magically is the only possible competitor regarding utility and user experience. OS/X2Y2/LOOKS are not even close. Blur is simply better, not more complicated. There is no barrier to learn how to use Blur. So both pro trader and casual trader will naturally choose to use Blur as a result of how good the platform is. And why would we care if a non-NFT trader/ NFT Buyer is interested in Blur ecosystem? It is like saying that Curve needs a name service because it wants to attract people from non-Defi fields. It does not make sense to me.

Just to clarify my opinion, it is the product itself being good that retains users which in turn accumulate community culture, not the other way around.


Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback, maybe in future we’ll meet again to discuss something else.