Blur Points Secondary Market

Hi, my name is John from the prePO BD team. We are enabling a secondary market for Blur Points. Our main objective is to improve the experience for Blur users, and are positioning ourselves as a composable element to the Blur stack.
We believe that by creating a liquid Blur Point market we are providing a net benefit for all Blur users.
Therefore we are inquiring for Blur API read access to better optimize the Blur points secondary market and for an official endorsement from the Blur DAO.
We are committed to decentralization, so the market is designed to be permissionless and trustless to fit in with the Blur ethos.
Please let me know what you think about opening up Blur Point liquidity for interested buyers and sellers who want to trade exposure to the Blur Point value ahead of the official liquidity event.
Thank you!


Hi John - very interesting proposal and something Iā€™m sure many users have an interest in. Do you have an idea how you would ensure the eventual tokens to claim are given to the buyer of the points?

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