NFT Valuation using Machine Learning

Blur should launch a Machine Learning-powered service that aims to provide a fair value estimation of NFTs.

Reference on ADA


Thats something fun, but Blur is not the right party to make this tool. Because as a NFT trading platform with some level of authority, Blur needs to remain neutral about NFT prices. By predicting NFT prices, Blur will have the power to directly manipulate market sentiment, thats is very dangerous. This power should not be delegated to Blur or any NFT trading platform. Blur just provides the infrastructure for the market to use.


Thanks for your feedback. I got your point. And with this logic, showing the rarity should not be allowed, as there is no standard, is it trait normalized or not, innit?
Blur is a marketplace and a tool for pro traders. For me, the proposal fits very well into the second part and into the marketing on homepage:

Rarity is determined by traits, which is a more objective standard. Blur is simply counting which traits are rarer amongst a single collection. Value is always a subjective question in my opinion, but I get your point. If there is a simple, objective, and transparent algorithm that can determine a project’s value, you could be right.

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