Make the blur dApp for mobile phones

Blur is the top NFT Marketplace for Eth and we all really enjoy using it. However, the experience on mobile is still sub-par. This is not because of blur responsive design, but the fact that we have a multi step process to access blur on mobile is tedious. We currently need to open a wallet, access the dApp browser and then browser the blur marketplace.

a dApp

  • can be installed on the go from App/Play store
  • doesnt directly depend on the wallet app and its browser on the mobile device
  • offers frictionless browsing experience
  • is more accessible

What do you think?


It would be amazing, thanks for the great idea! Hope they’ll listen. Best of luck as well.

Unfortunately Apple and Google have been very strict with store apps having any crypto component, to the point where it’s not feasible at this stage for Blur, or any dapp for that matter.

That said, you can achieve a somewhat similar UX by creating a shortcut to the website: