Indexing trades

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I would like to index trades that happen on blur. Is it possible to get OrdersMatched event struct and other structs that go inside that one so I could parse on-chains events?

event OrdersMatched(
	address indexed maker,
	address indexed taker,
	Order sell,
	bytes32 sellHash,
	Order buy,
	bytes32 buyHash

struct Order {
    address trader;
    Side side;
    address matchingPolicy;
    address collection;
    uint256 tokenId;
    uint256 amount;
    address paymentToken;
    uint256 price;
    uint256 listingTime;
    /* Order expiration timestamp - 0 for oracle cancellations. */
    uint256 expirationTime;
    Fee[] fees;
    uint256 salt;
    bytes extraParams;

struct Fee {
    uint16 rate;
    address payable recipient;

enum Side { Buy, Sell }
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