Earning yield through bidding by integrating the bidding pool as a lending pool

Hello, I think I might have figured out a way to earn yield by bidding, through the integration of the bidding pool simultaneously as a lending pool.

If you can deposit NFTs, and draw from the bidding pool liquidity through bids on that particular collection, the bidders through the bidding pool act as the liquidation pool simultaneously as well as the lending pool, for they are providing liquidity through bidding.

Thus, if you deposit your NFT which has active bids on it or its collection, you can draw on its liquidity directly, and thus gain “bidding power” by using your deposited NFT as collateral.

This would mean that you could earn yield by simply bidding, from those who wish to borrow from you as a lender, who will pay you interest for bidding on their collection/NFT.

This is almost like a transference of bidding power through the bidding pool acting as a lending pool, whereby the bidding power you have through the ETH you deposit into the bidding pool, transfers to the depositor of an NFT/collection which you are bidding on, which can then be used to bid on another NFT.