Supporting collection floors with buyback mechanism

How about creating a mechanism which could be something like “buy back guarantee”, with an optional timeframe (say one or two weeks maybe up to a couple of month)

I’ll try and explain my idea using an example

Suppose I create a collection of 1000 items with a mint price of 0.1eth. The mint cost would go directly into a locked account and automatically transform into bids equal to the mint price (so here 0.1)
Every time someone mints, the 0.1 eth goes into that account . The account will stay locked for the optional period that the creator choses (say one month for our example)

So if the collection mints 1000 items, 100 eth would go into that account and a thousand 0.1eth bids would be placed.
During that timeframe, (one month here) anyone can accept a bid if they chose to do so (say if they change their minds or are just paperhands) and the nft they sold back would also go into that locked account so it won’t circulate again and “use up” another bid (bids must be equal to the total number of nfts in circulation)
After that month, the creator gets the account back with whats left of the eth and also get the nfts that were sold back

This will have several advantages, among them inspiring confidence, sustaining the floor level for new collections, avoiding the paperhand dumps and also most importantly weeding out scams

The point is, that if there’s no fear of a crash, the collection will have a much better chance of taking off and not looking back

A bonus for the creator would be that the he will obviously make a lot of blur points with his bids, and the blurs will in turn incentivise people to bid even higher driving the collection floor up

Blur could maybe use their own minting process or create an account type (locked for the period chosen) whose address the collection creator will input in the smart contract. He will then be given “the keys” to that account after said period has passed

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