Diversifying yield generating product on BLAST from only Lido and $DAI with higher yields and brand awareness

My name is Lester and I am writing on behalf of P2P. org, a leading non-custodian staking service provider specializing in institutional-grade solutions, known for its commitment to decentralization, currently boasts the largest number of validators on Lido as wave0 participants.

Proposal Overview:

1. Institutional Staking Service Integration:

Recognizing Blast/Blur’s significance and scale within the staking ecosystem, we propose a collaboration that involves integrating institutional-grade staking services provided by P2P. org. This move aims to offer Blast/Blur users access to specialized solutions designed for institutional clients.

2. Cost-Effective Institutional Services:

P2P. org is known for working closely with institutions like Huobi and Matrixport, offering services at a fraction of the cost compared to retail-focused platforms like Lido. By leveraging our expertise, Blast/Blur can benefit from institutional-grade staking solutions while reducing overall costs.

3. Technical Integration for Institutional Clients:

Our team will dedicate resources to seamlessly integrate institutional staking services within the Blast/Blur ecosystem. This integration will be designed to cater specifically to the unique needs and requirements of institutional clients.

4. Fee Structure:

Given the substantial Total Value Locked (TVL) associated with Blast/Blur, P2P. org proposes a fee structure that aligns with institutional standards. We suggest a fee structure that is one-third of Lido’s retail fee, ensuring a cost-effective and competitive solution for Blast/Blur and its institutional stakeholders.

5. Enhanced Support and Reporting:

P2P. org is committed to providing unparalleled support and reporting capabilities tailored to institutional clients. This includes dedicated account management, detailed reporting tools, and customized support channels to meet the demands of Blast/Blur’s institutional user base.

Next Steps:

We are eager to discuss this proposal further and address any questions or concerns you may have. Your insights are crucial to refining the details of this collaboration and ensuring its successful implementation. Very eager to speak with the DAO to explore this opportunity in greater detail.

Email: lester.chui@p2p.org
Telegram: @eu1on