Another email scam pretending to give $blur tokens

I have just received scam email that is offering me to claim $blur tokens. Interesting here is that it went into my inbox folder and didn’t go into the spam folder where usually all those are ending.

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Because they are stealing legitimate email addresses from people. In this case it looks like a foreign company called Technorail. I literally had scammers email me from hacked law firms during the Tezos debacle. The real question is how these scammers got the email list.


never, ever click on any email link. Always go to the legit site, enter and check their tabs for any airdrop info. Also check the sender email address and can also make a Google search of the scamm website to see when it was created, and run it through scan adviser…Most of the time their url is similar but of cource not the same… block and delete! Stay safe guys; I’ve also learned the hard way :frowning: