Update the broken WalletConnect modal on airdrop.blur.foundation

We are all thrilled with the success of BLEND and the seasonal airdrop, most of the Blur’s loyal users were very happy to receive their share.
Not all eligible users are celebrating, some are complaining or worse have already been scammed: those using blur.io with a non Metamask-compatible hardware wallet were unable to claim their $BLUR because airdrop.blur.foundation is using the deprecated WalletConnect V1, which has been shut down on June 28, 2023 and thus is not working anymore.
All info about the migration from v1.x can be found at Migration from v1.x | WalletConnect Docs and I knew personally the team at WalletConnect who is very friendly and willing to help.
Exacerbating the situation are the scammers who buzz over these users like bees on honey, pretending to help them claiming the airdrop and unfortunately someone has already been frauded.
I propose to fix the problem as soon as possible, and in the meanwhile tell on official channels that the modal is being fixed and warning that the old modal no longer works and therefore be wary if anyone contacts to help receive airdrop.
To fix the Blur’s image damage and save the trust of all users, we should also reward those who because of this problem could not receive the bonus on holder points from 20 to 26 November.