Governance for Blend

Hey Blur community, after the recent launch of Blend and helping pump Miladys. I was thinking that this new protocol could be the perfect introduction of governance for $BLUR holders to help decide future nft projects to be greenlit for Blend. This could be in addition to Blur devs drip feeding new popular collections as it’ll stir more community engagement trying to get their favorite nft collection within the Blend protocol, be it due to having low liquidity or wanting to long with loans.

What are your thoughts about this potentially being added to Blur? :melting_face:



Sounds like something that can be explored! I have seen projects founder reaching out to be listed on Blend, it seems like they are keen to be exposed to such ecosystem as well.

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Thanks nggg for the feedback, completely agree. Nice way to take load off team and give $Blur maxi’s control of who gets in.