Delegate to DAO Times: 4 Key Reasons

Greetings to all Blur DAO members,

I want to introduce DAO Times as a potential delegate for your votes in the Blur DAO. As an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to covering the latest news and providing educational content in the world of DAOs, we believe that our extensive knowledge and expertise in the space can provide valuable insights and informed decision-making for the Blur DAO community.

Here are the top reasons why we believe you should delegate your votes to DAO Times:

  1. Expertise in the DAO space: We have a comprehensive understanding of the problems and solutions in the decentralized ecosystem. By delegating to us, you’ll be partnering with a team of experts who deeply understand the DAO landscape.

  2. Independence and Reputation: As a non-profit organization, our primary goal is to provide unbiased, accurate, and trustworthy information. We value our reputation and are committed to ensuring that our decisions always strive for the greatest benefit to the Blur DAO community.

  3. Decentralization Advocates: We are strong believers in the ideas of decentralization and are dedicated to preventing centralized actors from gaining undue influence within the DAO. By delegating your votes to DAO Times, you’ll be supporting a transparent, decentralized decision-making process.

  4. Close Monitoring by Niche Media: With our extensive experience covering the DAO space, we can provide valuable insights and analysis on the latest trends and developments affecting Blur DAO. Our close monitoring and understanding of the ecosystem will be beneficial to the community and the success of the organization.

We invite you to delegate your votes to DAO Times and take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and commitment to decentralization. Together, we can build a stronger and more successful DAO.

Looking forward to collaborating with the Blur DAO community!

Our ETH address


To delegate you need to just follow the link, insert our ETH address, and confirm the choice.

Best regards

Makoto Takahiro

Founder at DAO Times

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